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by Matthias
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In the course of your daily browsing, you must have come across various terms you probably wouldn’t have heard about if you preferred reading books to scouring the internet, terms like HTML, SEO, and the one this article is about – VPN. If you only do the basic things on the internet such as visiting your social media accounts and occasionally searching for something on Google, chances are you don’t know what this term stands for or what it does. Not anymore though, as by the time you are done reading this article, you will be well familiar with VPN service and how it works.

VPN service comparison

VPN service comparison


What is VPN?

According to Wikipedia, VPN which is short for Virtual Private Network is defined as a tool which extends a private network across a public network, and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.

Put simply to enable the laymen understand, VPN can be said to be a tool, service or software that directs internet users’ connection through a secure tunnel or server that hides their activities carried out online and enables them surf the internet in a safe, secure and private manner.

N.B. With the rise in the popularity and usage of VPNs, you can be sure that there are lots of VPNs out there and you might need to visit a site that carries out VPN service comparison before proceeding to adopt one.

VPN service comparison

VPN service comparison

How Do They Work?

VPNs are pretty easy and straightforward to use. Once you start the VPN software, it swiftly gets to work and encrypts your data faster than the time it would take you to ask “Where can I find a good VPN service comparison website?” Once this is done, whatever data you send then goes through the VPN before it is delivered to the site you intend to visit. This way, rather than your actual data and location, the website you are accessing sees the data and location provided to it by the .

The problem with the conventional way of browsing is that your data is out in the open, unsecure, and could be easily be accessed by anyone. While you might not really care if this happens when you are visiting a blog to read an article, I am sure you would have cause to worry if someone got access to your data while you were carrying out an online banking transaction. With VPN, you are able to shield your vital and private information from being accessed by unwanted internet personnel.

VPN service comparison

VPN service comparison

In Conclusion of VPN Service Comparison

If you intend to protect your personal data such as your location, name, and other trivial information from being accessed and fall into the hands of wrong people, you really should consider using a VPN service.

N.B. VPN software are designed to shield personal data from internet personnel rather than hide your browsing history. So if you intend to visit a site you wouldn’t want anyone else to find out you did, you might want to use incognito browsing or clear your browsing history after your session.

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