Going Over The Best Alcove Bathtubs Upgrades

by Matthias

If you are into renovating your bathroom into a luxurious space, then consider updating your bathtub as well. According to bathroom bathtubs Sydney, here are a few things to look into when it comes to reviewing the top alcove bathtubs upgrades.

Whether you are interested in renovating the entire bathroom or updating some of its features, one of the critical elements to consider is the look and design of the bathtub. While you may be most familiar with the simplified configuration of shower-over tub, there are a couple of variables to look into when it comes to choosing the best bathtub for you and your family. In most cases, families, as well as bathrooms, go for the alcove bathtub as the best pick. As previously discussed in our section of the best-shaped tubs, an alcove bathtub is a reference of how your choice of bath is installed.


With the kind of bathtub, about three out of the four sides will be successfully installed on the wall. The fourth will have a shower door to offer some privacy. We also mentioned that there are other additional types of bathtubs, including soak-ins and drop-ins. These types are typically in demand for more room since you should create a surround.

At the same time, you need to rest assured that you have the space intended to accommodate a spacious freestanding tub coupled with the potential for a reliable floor-mounted faucet.

The alcove bathtub is pretty accessible in various homes since it gets your job done. It also maximizes space in your bathroom space. And on that note, with the modern interior design, it is also possible to work with the new versions of alcove bathtubs while making great use of other types of baths. Here is a short debriefer on the classic alcove bathtub, including what other forms or types of tubs you should definitely consider installing.  


Understanding The History Of The Alcove Bathtubs

The history of alcove bathtubs dates to ancient Rome. But the ones that were utilized in the modern era are easily traceable to the 1990s when various manufacturing companies began to design bathtubs by taking advantage of the indoor plumbing. Alcove bathtubs were made for people who could not easily afford a freestanding tub in their bathrooms.

Consider thinking of the clawfoot tubs as well as soaking tubs that were pretty much popular before the indoor water lines became standard. The tubs needed a significant amount of space. They were also challenging to clean as well as maintain. With the alcove bathtub, one thing has always been clear. It is highly efficient.

Therefore, it is installed against the bathroom wall. This makes it one of the easiest bathtubs to maintain. Besides, it is the easiest for your shower functionalities. Following the way it is installed, it makes sure that water will not splash on the floor. Besides, it is also often placed where your shower head should be. Therefore, when you update to a primary soaking freestanding tub, then you need to consider the process involved in setting up your shower.


Why Should You Replace Your Alcove Bathtub?

Regardless of all its positive sides, the alcove bathtub has its drawbacks. It is currently beginning to lose the luster it had when it comes to style. Now, more individuals are geared towards investing in freestanding and clawfoot soaking tubs to incorporate more style as well as functionality into their bathrooms.  


While alcove bathtubs are used because of the space they save in the bathroom, it is still possible to go for a better option since they are easy to fit into the bathroom space while providing you with additional style as well as luxury. You can always go for freestanding units and corner tubs. Soaking tubs are also a viable choice.

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