Choosing the best Linear LED light

by Matthias
Linear LED lights

Linear lighting is the act of using several diodes emitting light put together in a long and usually narrow housing to create a strip of light. Linear lighting is applied in large spaces, the likes of warehouses, office spaces, and retail spaces. Before the establishment of linear lighting, incandescent bulbs were the go-to choice of light for such areas. However, the establishment and growth of the linear lighting industry and products like T5 LED have made incandescent bulbs get out of date. The first form of linear lighting to be established was the LED linear lighting.  

Factors to consider when buying T5 Led or Linear lighting 

  1. Energy efficiency

One of the main features and perhaps the most attractive feature of LED technology is that it is very energy efficient. Compared to other forms of lighting technology like Fluorescent technology, LED lighting consumes half the regular amount of energy of the latter. The same can be said about LED linear lighting. Different brands, however, use up different amounts of energy. Adequate research would help you determine the energy consumption of the different brands and the perfect ones to purchase.   

  1. Eco-friendly

By far, LEDs are more environmentally friendly as compared to other lighting technology. This is a factor that you should always consider when determining the light to go for. Point is, by using less energy, they help in preserving the natural resources used to provide the electricity.   

  1. Durability

The standard linear LED light is designed to last for more than fifty thousand hours. This can be translated into more than three decades. This, however, depends on the quality of the LED linear lighting that you get as some lower quality lights tend to have a shorter life span.  

Linear LED lights

  1. Variety

There are several varieties of linear LEDs to choose from. Many are times that different companies in the linear business come up with different types of products to have their products stand out from the rest in the industry.  

  1. Installation

Installing a linear LED is not a hard task. However, in case you are retrofitting a fluorescent linear light, it may take a bit more work. If the ballast is in excellent condition; however, the amount of work is reduced. 

  1. Cost

This is a crucial factor to consider when selecting any product from the market, and linear LEDs are not an exception. While some of the best brands are more expensive, it is possible to find high-quality but affordable brands if you only took your time in market researching. The trick is to do your research about the product before deciding on which to purchase. Concerning the price, always go for a price that is closest to your budgetary needs.

  1. Warranty

Some manufacturers provide warranties for their products. Always consider a product from a manufacturer that gives warranties in case there are errors with manufacturing that may warrant the need for the product to be returned to the manufacturer.

Linear LED lights

Bottom Line

Customer reviews are also a factor to consider when determining the product and the product brand to purchase from. The reviews tend to be more transparent than the product descriptions from the manufactures as they tend to address both the pros and cons of the product. The same applies to choose the best linear LED.



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