How To Incorporate Videos in Your Wholesale Hair Business?

by Matthias

Let’s say you are seeking some best wholesale hair vendors over the internet to look good and more beautiful in the party tonight and the browser has just been popped up with two different websites with two different types of display. The first website describes it all about the wholesale hair business and wigs in the text form on which you have to invest at least couple of minutes to read. Whereas, the second website is totally based and working with the video marketing and while going through it you just need a minute or two to understand what they have been offering. So which one you’re going for?

Obviously, the second one which has been showing their products in the form of video. Absolutely, you have to be in the 72% of the online audience that really prefers video marketing for businesses and especially when it is about wholesale hair and extensions people usually wanted to see how they are going to look like when putted on.

According to a well-founded research almost 81% of the online buyers prefer to purchase those products online that are being marketed through videos. This means that the chances of leads and conversions are higher by doing video marketing.

How Videos Can Help Out Wholesale Hair Business?

Most companies insist that written content and product review are still a better option but they really don’t know that they are living in the heaven of fools. Whatever the product it is, video marketing is already doing wonders for every business and when it is about wholesale human hair wigs it is doing magical turnovers in terms of profits and revenue.

With the help of implementing video marketing in your wholesale hair business you can get the following advantages:-

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Closer product lookup
  • Increases online presence
  • Increases trust to your customer
  • Boosted engagements
  • More informative product review
  • More attractive and appealing
  • Simpler and easier
  • Saves a lot of time

There’s more a lot we can discuss about the unbeatable advantages of video marketing. Most of the readers at this point will surely ask that how to convert our wholesale hair customers using video marketing so here’s the answer, use four of these amazing proven tactics for video marketing of your business.

  • Create A Video Blog

Video blogs or vlogs are the most trending practice these days to promote and market your products. If you cannot do it yourself you can even hire one from the online marketplace and ask them to make a review for your wholesale hair business.

  • Facebook Live

Wholesale Hair Business

Wholesale Hair Business

The live streaming feature of Facebook has seriously gone beyond the marks for user engagement and audience building. If you yourself can’t do then just don’t worry and request any of the influencers from the online fashion industry and ask them to do so.

  • Instagram

Wholesale Hair Business

Wholesale Hair Business

This is one of the most accurate and best platforms to promote the fashion related products because women have been using this application a lot. Your wholesale hair products can get a serious boost with the help of this social media channel.

  • Facebook Cover Video

Facebook has recently rolled out an update after which you can replace your static cover photos with eye catchy video content because the cover part of your Facebook page is like a landing page for your business.  A short video review can do really good for you!

I guess that’s enough of the lecture today that will make you able to improvise your wholesale hair business and marketing efforts, we’ll see you next time! J

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