Top 5 Substitutes For Liquid Smoke

by Matthias


Liquid smoke refers to a strong food flavoring that is often used in flavoring various types of foods. Usually, liquid smoke is presented in the form of a soluble yellow liquid used as an alternative for cooking. Some people also use it with a few elements of wood smoke to retain a specified flavor. Other than that, liquid smoke may be utilized in flavoring meat as well as vegetable. With that said, it’s vital to be familiar with the liquid smoke alternative. Here are the top five substitutes for liquid smoke.

  1. Hickory Smoke Powder

The hickory smoke flavor is known for having an intense flavor of smoke. The strength of the product has an impact on any food put in the smoker. Therefore, you can use this ingredient to season your meals.

  1. Chipotle Chile Powder

Chipotle chile refers to some form of powder made of dried chipotle chiles. This element is not made of regular chili powder.   In this case, it contains a broad range of ground chiles that has various spices such as garlic powder as well as cumin. Usually, chipotle powder has some components of fruity undertones. Other than that it’s also smoky. This feature makes it an excellent grilling ingredient.

Substitutes For Liquid Smoke

  1. Smoked Meat

Smoking refers to the process of heating food in order to add some flavor or tenderize meat. The art is commonly applied in the case of barbecue aficionados. Additional individuals who utilize this method of flavoring include backyard enthusiasts. With that said, smoked fish and chicken are some of the directions you should take if you want an alternative to liquid smoke.

  1. Spanish Paprika

Smoked Spanish paprika is another liquid smoke substitute. If you don’t have some in your kitchen, then you’re not alone. This is not a staple. However, the flavor is certainly specific. Therefore, finding quality smoked paprika can be daunting. With that said, the excellent substitution will assist in maintaining the right flavors.

  1. Smoke Tea As A Relevant Alternative To Liquid Smoke

Lovers of tea will like this beverage. It also goes by the name lapsang souchong. This is some form of black tea from Chinese. It has a smoky aroma coupled with some dry taste acquired after passing it through pine fires. For you to use it successfully, you should boil some water and pour it over dried, smoked leaves. Thereafter, you should allow the tea to cool for about eight minutes. To acquire an excellent taste, consider using brewed tea. This should replace liquid smoke.


Liquid smoke alternatives can be used in various food flavorings. You may use it to back chicken as well as ribs. You may also use it in basting your marinated meats. This is with the addition of a few drops of the element. Apart from the usual applications, you may purchase a BBQ. Thereafter, you can add some smoke in order to achieve some form of taste.

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