Tungsten Carbide: What You Need To Know

by Matthias
tungsten carbide

Tungsten heavy alloy is a combination of nickel and iron or nickel and copper. Other elements used as alloys include iron and molybdenum. So, what is tungsten melting point? It has a high melting point of 3422 °C, which exceeds that of lead. Tungsten alloy is designed to meet top density application. Additionally, it is used in radiation shielding, and the alloy passes the threshold of ductility and machinability.

Tungsten Alloy is modified into rods, sheets, plate, and bar. Whichever option you need and under your requirement, tungsten alloys are available in the market.

Now that you know what tungsten alloy is, you’re about to discover its uses and applications.

Here are tungsten uses.

  • Electronic And Electrical Industry

Due to its high melting point and low vapor pressure, tungsten is used in light bulbs, vacuum tube filament, and cathode ray tube. Additionally, it is used in electron microscopes because it has conductive properties and relative chemical inertness.

Tungsten is known to tolerate intense heat, which makes it an ideal material used to manufacture electronics. It acts as an integrated circuit that interconnects silicon dioxide dielectric material and transistors. Also, Tungsten alloy is one of the leading suppliers for X-ray goals due to its electronic structure.

  • Chemical Application

Tungsten oxides, tungstate, tungstic acid are some of the chemical forms for tungsten. These chemicals are used in mining, oil and lubricants, and medical industries. Additionally, tungsten salt is used to make colored cotton to make clothes used in theatrical to ensure they’re non-flammable.

Also, tungsten is used in hydrotreating crude oil, while tungsten compounds are used to treat exhaust gasses.

  • Manufacturing Machine Tools

Cemented tungsten carbide is ideal for machine tools manufacturing.

  • Mill machines

Milling machine comprises of many components with different sizes and shapes. The grinding components are shaped into grinding mill machine. Fortunately, carbide is hard yet easy to mold into various shapes and sizes of these grinding components.

  • Used In Jewelry

The density of tungsten is similar to that of gold.  Tungsten Carbide is hard and can be crafted into rings, necklaces, pendants, and earrings. However, when you cut tungsten and polish it excellently, it turns beautiful and stylish. It is essential to note; the material is becoming popular primarily because it is used in making engagement and wedding rings, which are cheaper than gold.

tungsten carbide 2

  • Laboratory Uses

Tungsten has multiple usages in laboratories. It functions as an element in the form of high virtue sodium tungstate in the biogeochemical analysis. Another state of tungsten; sodium metatungstate, which is still metal, is used in geology field for preparing solutions with high density. The element separates minerals according to their mass. Small sizes of high virtue tungsten elements are used as a catalyst in the course of revealing carbon and sulfur in metals.

  • Aerospace Machine

Tugsten alloys are used in the manufacturing of rocket engine nozzle. The nozzle moves at high speed to exhaust the gasses produced during combustion. Therefore, while manufacturing a rocket engine nozzle, tungsten steel alloy is used, which enhances top speed.

  • Medical Tools

Surgical tools are crafted from stainless steel and titanium. However, the tips and blades of those surgical tools are made of carbide. Carbide is resistant to pitting and rusting so; the devices have a long life.

  • Stellite Application

These are a group of wear and corrosion resistant materials which are widely used for pistons, valve seats, bearings, and other application that require sturdy wear materials. Welding electrodes or powder spraying make use of stellite. Stellite is commonly used in the food industry because of its anti-corrosion properties.

  • Cutting

Tungsten carbide is scratch resistant, and therefore, it can be used in cutting materials in construction sites, drilling, and mining. The cutting machine is mounted a tungsten carbide on its tip during manufacturing which makes it ideal for cutting construction rods and heavy metal to your required size.

Also, tungsten carbide is used to cut hardwoods. Therefore, if you are in the timber-related industry, and you need hardwoods for your production, using tungsten carbide blade will turn to have more advantages. The blades are sharp enough. Thus, you won’t take long on a piece of wood. You don’t have to regrind the edges of the blade every time you cut your wood because it is long lasting, can withstand extra pressure and tension.

What are the benefits of tungsten carbide over other metals?

tungsten carbide 3

  • Tungsten carbide is stronger than most metals. In fact, it is stronger than titanium and gold. Therefore, products made from this metal are durable and robust. The products can’t be bent by excessive heat or hit. Consequently, it is most preferred when making jewelry and other products yet cheap as compared to other durable metals.
  • Tungsten carbide is scratch resistance. When other metals like gold and platinum commonly used to make ring are easy to scratch, carbide ring can’t be scratched. Additionally, it doesn’t lose luster over the years. It remains shiny and attractive.
  • Tungsten carbide is a metal which can be shaped into a different model, unlike most metal. So if you are looking for a metal that will ease your work, it is a preferred option.
  • It can be recycled. Though the metal is durable, it can be recycled. For example, the filament used in a bulb can be recycled, and any other piece can be used to make razor blades.
  • It can accommodate several designs of finishes. It can be engraved, soft satin, polished, or brushed according to your requirement. You can give the carbide metal a gold coating, and it will still retain its tungsten properties. So if you are looking for materials to make customized designs, tungsten is a good option.

Wrap Up

Tungsten uses exceed human imagination. The metal has been in the market for a long time, and every century there is a new invention on how to use it. With that in mind, there are high chances that the metal will have more uses in the year to come. In fact, tungsten lovers are already out there discovering more applications because it passes the threshold of durability, strength, and melting point.



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