Little Unknown Functions of Your Smartwatch

by Matthias

There’s so much more to just wrapping a Smartwatch and enjoying its design. Besides, why should you have a Smartwatch when you could be using your smartphone? So, what advantages does a Smartwatch has over your smartphone? Perhaps, a smartwatch is always on your wrist, and you won’t have to struggle to access it. But there are several other things that HONOR watch can do, they include;

Play Music

Underwater, no problem! A waterproof Smartwatch will ensure that you listen to your favorite music while swimming. It doesn’t have to be swimming alone as you can still enjoy your music in the shower. All you need to do is to connect your Bluetooth. Interestingly, you only need to shake your wrist to skip a song to have your next favorite song.

Easy way to find your Phone, Car, and Keys

It’s a natural phenomenon for most folks to usually seem to have it hard locating their phones or even keys. Fortunately, your Smartwatch can make things easier as you only need to tap it and trigger the phone to ring. Moreover, you can apply the same logic to locate your keys in your office or around the house. Additionally, you can use the Smartwatch to locate where your car is parked in the parking lot.

Allow Gesture Control

Think of a smart home for a second. Most smartwatches have an inbuilt gesture control that you can easily use with your hand and flick through your smart TV channels. You can also use it to tweak the lights, thermostat, fans as well as other appliances with only one gesture, like a wizard.

A Smart Compass

Usually, when talking about a compass, what comes to the mind is finding the North. But a Smartwatch can do more than just finding the North. Perhaps, you might need to find the way to the payment counter, to your car, or even the way to a coffee shop.

Imagine how easy it could be to receive directions like through feedback as you walk, or even some GPS navigational voices as you drive. You’ll never lose your way again, right?

Track Your Kid

Some smartwatches have a feature that will help you to track the whereabouts of your kids. Once to activate the feature, it will be able to notify you whenever the child wanders off too far in a crowded area.

Traveling Plans

There’s a need for a watch to make traveling easier – like providing a real-time update about when the next train will arrive. Notifications about changed flights or unexpected traffic jams will be of handy as it will help to take constant checking off the grid. All notifications of such magnitude will help in making better travel decisions.

Provide Spot Ratings

Sometimes you might be in a scenario where you need to know how well an establishment is doing or providing its services. Therefore, instead of going around asking for reviews, you can turn to your Smartwatch and get the rating of such a shop or facility – an excellent feature to have.

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