How to Be Part of Huawei’s Joint Operations Program?

by Matthias

Whether you’re an up and coming developer or a pro in this field but are looking forward to a collaboration with one of the biggest tech companies in the world, here’s your chance.

Huawei’s newest project to support and provide career opportunities to talented developers out there is via the Joint Operations project. The company opens this platform to collaborate with talented and genius developers around the world towards app development, testing, promotion, and monetization.

It’s a win-win partnership that benefits not only the company but you as well. If you’re interested in joining this partnership with Huawei, here’s how you can join the Joint Operations Program.

How to Use the Joint Operations Services?
Step 1 You will need to make a Huawei Account

· If you already have one, then you’re good to go. If not, here’s how to make an account with Huawei. Just go to their website and click the options button Register.

· Upon registration, you can always use your phone number or email address to get you started.

· Then log-in to your account by using your unique Huawei ID or scan the QR code provided.

Step 2 Accomplish Company Verification

· Once you’ve successfully registered your account, Huawei would require you for verification. Your company’s identity will need to be checked by their team before starting. Once you’ve completed verifying your account, the website will redirect you to your profile, where you can already access Huawei’s developer capabilities and services.

· If you’ve failed to verify your account identity, you can instead visit the Huawei Developer’s official website to finish this phase. Just look for the option button that says Console and then click. The website will then prompt you to log-in to your account where you can then pick either company identity verification or individual identity verification. Just click the Company Developer to verify your identity, and it will help you finish this process.

· If you were already logged in with your Huawei Account Profile, you can easily access the Console or Join option button and click right away. These are located on the upper right corner of your screen of the Identity Verification’s page. Just click the Company Developer option button to finish verifying your identity.

Step 3 The Merchant Services Has to be Activated

· Click the Console option button and then click Settings then choose the option Merchant Service.

· Fill up the required information and double-check correctness.

· Then read the Huawei Developer Merchant Service Agreement, once you understand the guidelines, submit your application for review.

· The Huawei Developer Team will then review the application within 1-2 business days. Once the review is complete, an email will be sent to you to notify your submission.

Step 4 You’ll need to Integrate Your SDKs

· All the apps you’ve developed and submitted to Huawei have app purchases that need to be paid by users, you will need to integrate your Huawei ID and Huawei Payment SDKs as stipulated by the joint operations program.

· If you’re about to release a paid app, you would need to integrate the paid download SDK. Huawei helps your app to protect it from copyright issues and limit user access, specifically to those who have purchased the app.

· If your app has an account management system, you will need to integrate your Huawei ID Service so that the users will be enabled to log-in and use the benefits of your app.

Step 5 Have your App Be Verified for Releasing

· Ensure that you have tested and verified your app’s functionalities and existing services before submitting it to the Joint Operations Team for review.

· Once you’re ready to submit, click the option button Console of Huawei Developer and submit your app.

· Then, the approved app will be released once it has passed the checking process.

Step 6 You can now Manage Incoming Comments

· Once your app goes live and working, you may now monitor its performance towards the users by visiting the Huawei Developer page.

· Then, click the option button Console, click Joint Operations, and choose Comment Management.

· The site will redirect you to the comment section page where you can easily read all the comments and reply to all of them. You may post or update comments, especially if you have applied recent improvements in your app. These comments and recommendations from your app users will then help you to resolve any app problems or improve your apps to satisfy user experience. The secret of staying at the top of the game.

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