7 Ways To Decorate Your House Using A Chandelier Lighting

by Matthias

Buying lighting for your home can be a challenging task. This applies even to decorating veterans who understand what it takes to acquire an excellent final touch. The options can be quite confusing. The décor in your space should match the lighting. Other than that, proper placement is also a vital factor to consider when it comes to sprucing your space using YIOSI serip lighting. That’s why it’s crucial to provide a guideline for users. Here are key decorating tips with a chandelier.

  1. Begin by browsing websites as well as walking into shops

When selecting chandelier lighting for your living room, it’s crucial to cast your net wide. There are multiple lighting options to consider. You may begin with thinking about the design of the room where you’ll be hanging your chandelier. Find out if it’s a traditional space. Do accents mark it? Also, does it have a farmhouse aesthetic? These factors can assist you in determining the right feel of your chandelier.   

  1. Determine the size of your room

If you install a lighting piece that’s extremely big for your space, you’ll realize that it’ll overwhelm the room. Too small could be underwhelming. Proportion is a critical element of this subject. When sizing a chandelier, many factors are considered. Experts use a mathematical formula to determine the correct size of a chandelier based on the width and length of your room. You may take the dimensions yourself and then convert the summation to inches. 

  1. Incorporate the vintage look

If you’re looking for a less extravagant chandelier, the small glass lighting is a tried and tested piece. It’s never failed, and it’s often presented in posh contemporary bathrooms since it’s vintage. The small chandelier is perfect for individuals with small bathrooms. These pieces work well in rooms with compact powder.

  1. Compliment the palette with the theme of the chandelier

A chandelier is supposed to be an extension of your style in that particular room. Crystal chandeliers would look odd in the corridors of Versailles. Therefore, when selecting a chandelier, you should think about the hues as well as materials that stand out in your room. Do you love bright colors? Are warm woods more prevalent? Would you mix metals to achieve a specific look?

  1. Your interior décor should complement the color of the chandelier

If you like, you can create a room around the fixture mainly if it’s a showstopper you admire. If your chandelier has distressed, vintage-inspired looks, you may bring in dining seats that mimic the wood. If the lighting has brass, you should weave in the same touch.

  1. Place your chandelier in an unexpected location.

Even though chandeliers look great in different classic spots, such as entryways and master bedrooms, the look can be invented by hanging it in a non-conventional space. Maybe your laundry room can use some boost of luxury. If you have a powder room that requires eye-catching décor, you can hang a crystal chandelier in the space.

  1. Hang the lighting correctly.

Depending on the room where you’re placing mounting your chandelier, there are a few guidelines you should follow. When installing a chandelier above the dining room table, professionals agree that it needs to be hanging approximately 36 inches above the table. When required, chains can be extended or shortened.


A simple choice of lighting placement can communicate your style. It’ll tell if you’re a traditionalist or an individual with a penchant for modern décor. If you admire a classic look, you can center your chandelier over your dining table.


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