What is a natural stone

by Matthias
natural stone

The natural stone consists of a stone that is obtained from the earth’s surface. Normally, these are quarried and then used as building materials.

There are various types of natural stones depending on how they are formed. These are metamorphic rocks such as marble, igneous rocks such as granite and sedimentary rocks such as limestone. One advantage of natural stones is that they are unique. Not one stone is similar to the other. They differ in color, texture, and composition. This could explain why they are preferred as construction materials.

Here is a breakdown of natural stones.

Igneous Rocks

Igneous rocks are formed when molten rock from the earth’s crust solidifies, either on the surface or underground.

Some of the common igneous rocks include granite, quartz, and basalt.

Granite is formed when magma solidifies under the surface of the earth. It is durable and the hardest of stones and it requires no maintenance.  This makes it suitable for constructing hard surfaces that low maintenance and durability are required.

You will most likely find it on kitchen countertops, flooring commercial areas, used on floors with high traffic, on showers, and sinks. Granite does not scratch easily and it is resistant to acids. Granite has a smooth polish, which is why it is preferred by most for home or office décor since it produces an elegant feel.

Quartz is silicon dioxide in crystalline form. It is formed when magma cools under the surface of the earth. Quartz can also be formed in waters that are rich in silica such as in geothermal waters.  It can also be found in metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.

The rock has sparkling tiny crystals; it is durable with a medium-grained texture. You will find quartz with varying colors from beige, gray, pink, purple, and white depending on its mineral content.

Its durability makes it suitable for flooring and making countertops.  Of late, quartz is being used for making countertops given that it is durable.

The countertops are made by grinding the natural quarts. It is then pressed into slabs and resin is used to stick it together. Although quartz is not a natural stone like marble and granite, it is formed using a natural mineral. It is normally composed of 10% resin and 90% ground quartz.

Metamorphic Rocks

Metamorphic rocks are formed when the existing rocks are transformed by heat and pressure. Examples include marble and travertine.

For example, marble is formed through the metamorphosis of limestone.  It is commonly used in home décor given that it is easy to maintain. It can be worked on in many ways and that is why you can find it in many patterns and in many colors, all with veins.

However, marble is softer than granite; it is sensitive to acids and can scratch easily.

You will find it on kitchen countertops, tile floors, bathroom vanities, and wall tiles.

Sedimentary Rocks

These are rocks formed when other rocks, shells, corals, and other debris break down into small particles in what is known as a sedimentary deposit. They are then cemented to form sedimentary rocks.

Examples of such stones include limestone and shale.

Limestone is used to make products for countertops, bathrooms, in low traffic floors and fireplaces. The stone has a crystalline texture which produces a polished look.

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