5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Rugged Android Tablet

by Matthias

The need to be connected throughout and be in touch with the world is fast becoming a necessity. This doesn’t matter whether one is lounging near a swimming pool, hiking or just working outdoors. However, most tablets in the market are fragile and prone to breaking up in pieces at the slightest hardship. As a solution,  rugged android tablets are now being embraced as the ideal outdoor tablet. If you are unsure of what to look for in a tablet, below are things you need to consider.

  1. The Durability Of The Rugged Android Tablet

The main reason for reaching out for an outdoor tablet is because of the durability it provides. However, because not all tablets are 100% durable, its sustainability is something that you should consider. Different models have different ways of how they react to being in different environments especially if they are dropped. Countercheck if the specific features cater to what you need it for the most. As an example, if you are planning to use it near water, its best to purchase a cheap waterproof tablet.

rugged android tablets

rugged android tablets

  1. If The Rugged Android Tablet  Is GPS Enabled

Though this may seem like an obvious factor, not all rugged tablets are GPS enabled. When buying an outdoor tablet, consider the specific use. If you are planning to input data that you will analyse later, the GPS feature might not be as important. However, if you are planning on using it for outdoor games, then having a GPS sensor is imperative.

  1. Screen Size Of The Rugged Android Tablets

With technological improvements, mobile phones and tablets are increasingly smaller and compact. Unfortunately, this means that even if you are connected on the go, it sometimes becomes difficult to use in varying environments. When considering an outdoor tablet to invest in the best-rugged tablet to purchase is the one in which you won’t struggle to use. When selecting, deliberate on the various screen sizes keeping in mind the use and the quality it provides.

  1. The Rugged Android Tablets Battery Life

There are very few things that are as frustrating as being alerted of a low battery when you are in the middle of a project or game. To ensure that your tasks are not interrupted, the best tablet to purchase is one that allows you enough battery power for longer. Seriously ponder if the battery life of a particular tablet drains faster or slower than others in the market. As the GPS feature of a tablet plays a role in how quickly the battery drains, factor this in when choosing an outdoor tablet for your needs.

rugged android tablets

rugged android tablets

  1. The Rugged Android Tablet Screen Visibility

Finally, when choosing an outdoor tablet to invest in, it’s best to pick a sunlight readable android tablet. As expected, most tablets lose screen visibility because of too much light exposure. When purchasing, it’s best to make a trial run and take it out and try it out before committing.  If this is not possible, read the online reviews before deciding.


Following the above tips and tricks will allow you to choose the best outdoor tablet for personal use. What’s more, because of technological improvements, rugged android tablets are now cheaper than ever. Overall, with minimal research, you can find an outdoor tablet that truly meets your needs.




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