Tips For Coming Up With The Best Custom Packaging Design

by Matthias
custom packaging

Custom packaging is a form of product packaging that comes with custom printing, size, cardboard material, shape. Note, each aspect mentioned above, in custom packaging, is designed by either the product supplier or manufacturer. Today, this is a common form of packaging in e-commerce. The main role of custom packaging is to create a distinction between different brands and markets.

It also encourages brands to upgrade their image, boost sales, and place more consideration on the products when creating packaging solutions. In this post, we provide you with tips for coming up with the best custom packaging designs. This is something that you can embark on as an individual or brand or outsource to a firm like Deepking.

Choosing the best custom packaging design for your products

The following factors are important when it comes to choosing the most suitable packaging design for products in e-commerce;

  • Protection- when choosing the best packaging, you have to consider the likelihood of damaging the products while shipping them from one point to the other. It is, therefore, imperative to test and ensure that the custom packaging travels well. Therefore, you should be able to move the products without causing any damage. But remember to choose a packaging mode that will offer protection to your products, especially those that are fragile.

Therefore, focus on the material from which the custom packaging is manufactured and its sturdiness. Also, ensure that the packaging size is suitable. This would come in handy in cases where you need to tack two pieces into the same package. If the items are in frequent contact, it can result in damages. Therefore, consider a packaging option with different compartments for each piece.

  • Choose the right material- the choice of the material you choose should be influenced by such factors as the type and design of products. The shape and dimensions of the product will affect the type. This is because you want to get a material that can be curved into the shape of your product. The weight of the product is also a factor to consider. You want to choose a material that can easily be carried around during shipping without breaking down and resulting in damages to your product. Some of the most common materials used for making custom packaging products include paperboard, plastic, and cardboard.
  • The target clientele- it is also vital to consider the needs and the tastes of your target market. To make the best decision in this area, you may be forced to research and understand your target audience. Keep in mind the fact the customer is the most important person in any business. The designs and information you will have on your custom packaging, as well as the material, should suit the needs of the client. Also, consider a design with the wow factor that most clients anxiously await.


The tips mentioned above would come in handy when designing any form of packaging (custom or not). They are, therefore, applicable in most, if not all, industries.

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