Uses of Tire Wire Drawing Machine for Tire Recycling

by Matthias
Tire Wire Drawing Machine

Let get this straight. Used or rejected tires are a threat to the environment and human health. So, what do you do with your used tires? If you are a non-business person, you possibly throw them out.

What if we tell you that you can use your old tires into a new form? Yes, it is possible through tire recycling. It’s a standard way of organizing scrap tires for recycling. But for that, you need the help of technology.

Over the years, tire wire drawing machine is doing the same by turning the tires into small bits.  When it gets new shapes, you can use the resultant as a fuel source, building the playground, making shoes, etc.

Anyway, today we’ll give you a detailed introduction on the tire wire drawing machine and its uses. Let’s get started!

Tire Wire Drawing Machine

Tire wore a drawing machine is a large tire disposal machine. It can pull out the big steel wire from the sidewalls of the tire at one time. It is designed for the tire pyrolysis and shredding tires.

The method to pull out the wire minimizes any damage to the tire shredder’s blade. It results in maximum oil production and high-quality pyrolysis oil as well.

The machine completely pulls out the wire from the tire and exposed to high temperatures. Indeed it’s a handy tool for tire recycling. 

Tire Wire Drawing Machine

Types of Tire Wire Drawing Machine and Their Functions

Ture wire drawing machine comes in two types including, single-hook and double hook. Both of them differ in their infrastructure and internal mechanics.

· Single-hook Tire Wire Drawing Machine

This type of tire wire drawing machine comes with a single hook. The hydraulic system powers the machine. It features a tire lifting device that raises tire. Then, steel wires from both sides of the tire are hooked through the hook in the cross hole.

It pulls the wire and fixes it on the hook. The hook moves backward with full force to completely pull out the tire. That’s how a single-hook tire wire drawing machine drags out the wire and crush the tire.

· Double Hook Tire Wire Drawing Machine

This tire drawing machine features two dish hook, and a mechanical transmission power system powers the tool. Here the tire has to place in between the double hook. The motor inside rotates the two disk hooks.

Both hooks will take out the steel wires on both sides of the tire. Then, it rotates inward to pull out the steel wire from both sides of the tire.

The Uses of Tire Wire Drawing Machine

Hitherto you know that the use of tire wire drawing machine is to pull-out the steel-wires from tires sidewalls. It completely extracts the wire before cutting and shredding the tire. The tire wire drawing machine makes the shredding process trouble-free. Above all, it hugely contributes to tire recycling procedures.

To End With!

A tire wire shredding machine is a must-have to give your rejected tires a better destination. It also makes tire recycling much more accessible. Thus, tire wire shredding machines will definitely contribute to our economy.

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