iPhone Applications You Need in 2018

by Matthias

iPhones have come of age in a rapid stance and its dominance is rooted for by the new generation. When you get your hands on an iPhone for the first time, getting accustomed to iOS specific applications will take you time to learn. There is a first time frenzy that catches up with you even though turning your device into a computing machine on a pro-level is easy.

If you are looking to customize your iPhone with necessary applications starting from everything ranging from navigation, organization, photo editing, music to keyboards and many more, there are 24 applications you should not miss out on. These are the iPhone necessities you need in 2018.

1. “iPhone “Password

If you are the kind of person who uses different passwords for an app/service, it is almost impossible to remember all the passwords. With 1Password all the unique passwords for different apps and services will need you to recall just one password.

The application syncs with your desktop app and by doing so it helps keep your account safe. 1Password does this by creating and storing a different password securely for all the services that you need. It, therefore, needs you to recall just one password.

  1. Chrome

Despite Apple shipping in with its ensemble of Apple apps, you may not be a huge fan of its array of hardware. One of the first things you want to switch is your browser. Choose Chrome, Google’s most popular browser because of its incognito mode and an array of other features that make browsing a less hassle. It is updated constantly making it one of the best browsers.

  1. Lyft

Lyft will save you the trouble of waiting to catch a cab. Lyft operates in both some of the major cities including some of the not so major cities. When you download Lyft a cab will come get whenever and wherever you need them. What’s more is when you use Lyft, you will save cash because it is cheaper than a traditional taxi.

Prices surge sometimes, mostly around times when demand is high. During these times, they can reach up to 10 times the regular rate. Lyft boasts of treating drivers better and if it is out of your reach, there is Uber.

  1. Google Photos

Even though Apple comes with its own photo app, it does not surpass its greatest competitor. Google Photos, the creator of Apple’s photo app has surpassed many photo apps. It stretches its resourcefulness because you can store all your images in the cloud. The cloud storage is a less frustrating version of iCloud.

Google Photos’ intelligence will go a long way in helping you organize your photos using machine vision. This makes it possible for you to create for yourself mini-films when the app realizes a lot of photos from the same day or location.

  1. Sky Guide

Sky Guide is a must-have for you if you are fascinated by space and galaxies. Sky Guide shows you the location of not just stars but also planets and constellations. It does this through an AR-like interface. For the app to work, you have to a point in any direction and names of planets and stars that you are seeing will be displayed for you. A free trial version can be found on Skyview.

  1. Snapchat

You will love Snapchat which is only renowned to millennial but to people of all ages. You can use Snapchat to keep tabs on what your friends are up to as well as publications made by organizations to keep its clientele up to date with latest news and events. In your own series of posts, you can create stories as well as send Snapchat messages.

  1. Instapaper or Pocket

If you have found it an uphill task keeping tabs on the information deluge, Instapaper/Pocket will be a huge help. Sure enough, reading news on the internet is hard if you have numerous leads; messaging, email, social networks, and personal assistants.

The two are helpful because Pocket will keep your tabs on multimedia in check while Instapaper will offer you the perfect reading experience regardless of barriers to information.

  1. Waze

Traffic is a big hurdle for both road-trip travelers and drivers. If you want to get past the hassle of traffic, get Waze. The app redirects you around traffic mid-trip because it has fed on how fast users are traveling on the road. It does this mid-trip and in the long-run, it shortens your commute. Besides alerting you on traffic ahead, it gives you a heads-up on construction, accidents, red light cameras and also traffic police ahead on your route.

  1. Untappd

Untappd is a social network of all sorts that will allow you to keep track of the beer you drink. You can check out beer selections, rate them and when a friend of yours likes your recent selection you can send them a virtual cheer. Untappd will earn you badges for each of your recent activities, as does Foursquare.

When you upload photos, find nearby bars with great selections, share what you are drinking with your friends, Untappd will award you a badge. Also, different types of check-ins will earn you a badge.

  1. Dark Sky

Dark Sky is not like any ordinary weather update because it knows everything related to weather. Not just the weather update of your current city but also the weather of your current location. If Dark Sky seems expensive, Weather Underground is another option that is relatively cheap than Dark Sky.

  1. Spotify

You will have to purchase a premium plan in order to listen to your favorite jams. The app’s radio option will allow you to search for new tunes and great playlists through venues such as ‘Discover Weekly’ and ‘Release Radar’. With Spotify, you can sync music to your phone which you can listen to offline.

You first download a couple playlists and for a no-ad experience, you will have to pay $10 monthly. It is not in vain because Spotify’s selection makes the money worth it.

The vast iPhone applications are a huge array. These applications have great features and their usefulness makes iOS stand out. There’s 19 more for starters, these 11 iPhone applications are a must have in 2018.

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