Why semi framed shower screen is the future

by Matthias

The bathroom, one of the most important attractions of a house or home. Although the bathroom might seem to be relatively inconsequential when compared to other parts of a house, it is really not. In addition to the kitchen and living room, the bathroom is one of the most valued aspects of just about any house or home. In recent time home developers and homeowners looking to sell, use the state of the bathroom to increase value.

How? You might wonder. Well, it’s pretty straightforward. In this article, we will see why you should consider upgrading the state of your bathroom. More importantly, why you should use semi frameless shower screens for this upgrade

Advantages of Upgrading your Bathroom

First and most importantly, it beautifies your bathroom. You might not have noticed but if you pay attention you’ll see that a typical bathroom is always bright and well lit. Have u ever wondered why this is? Your bathroom has a subtle way of affecting your mental state.

Imagine stepping into a bathroom after a stressful day and the bathroom is poorly lit and a bit damp. Not an uplifting scene, is it? But imagine stepping into a clean and well-lit bathroom after a stressful day. It is nothing short of extremely relaxing. Even if you choose to dim the lights, you still feel yourself involuntarily relaxing.

The second reason is the value an upgrade places on the house or home. For developers or those looking to sell a home, the added advantage a decent bathroom gives the whole house is inestimable. Because potential buyers would usually check out the kitchen, the living room and the bathroom. The entire bathroom needs to be clean and tidy. The floors and walls should have a decent “shine” to them. The sink, the tub, the faucets, countertops and other parts must be pristine. For those with a shower screen attached, it might as well be a decent shower screen. The bathroom must not be excessively large to be aesthetically pleasing.

Advantages of Semi Framed Shower Designs

1. The available design options are simply limitless. There are numerous designs which you could pick from to add to your bathroom. The various semi frameless shower designs also come with limitless door designs. So you could have any number of combinations. Curved semi frameless showers wit pivot doors or with sliding doors; wall to wall semi frameless showers with waves design and sliding doors; and so on.

2. The price is just right. The semi frameless shower has a price range that sits well with a lot of people considering the glamour and tune-ups it adds to bathrooms. All this without the high price of the more elaborate frameless shower screens.


Go ahead and purchase a semi frameless shower screen from us today. You can be sure you will finally give your bathroom that long overdue tune-up. All these benefits, while sticking to your budget.

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