Ideas for Back to School Promotional Items

by Matthias

After the holidays, students are never really excited to get back to school. You can turn this around by exciting them with school promotional items (know more). There are so many useful products to brand and share with these young fellas. 

With these custom school products, you will give them a reason to get back to school. Beyond this, you can use promotional school products to promote your brand to students, their parents, and teachers. 

Promotional product ideas for school students

There are several items that are vital to a student’s progress academically. From homework supplies to class supplies, there is so much to hand to these students. These items will not only make the difference for the students, but they will also impact brand recognition. 

If you are looking to attract the attention of parents and teachers this season, try using school promotional items. You can be sure the parents will appreciate your gifts and be more attracted to your brand.  Let’s check out a few custom school products you can make use of this season.


Custom T-shirts

Almost every school makes use of T-shirts as promotional school products. This is because they are able to pass across a message about what their school stands for using these shirts. The shirts can be worn during P.E. or for other activities.

With these shirts, the school is able to maintain unity among its students all through the year. It is important to create a collective identity for the students of the school. Custom T-shirts are perfect in this regard.

Add the school logo to the T-shirts as well as your brand name. You can get these custom shirts in a variety of sizes, fabrics, and colors. 


Promotional backpacks

Students can hardly do without backpacks these days. For one, these bags are stylish and trendy. More than this, these bags help the students to carry books and other items around the school with ease. The idea behind a backpack is it must be durable, attractive in design, and comfortable to carry around.

There are so many brands on the market to choose from. Simply order a couple and customize them for your purposes. The good thing with these bags is that you get quality bags that will fit into your budget. The higher the number of bags you buy, the cheaper the bags will be.

Some of the features you should consider when choosing backpacks include padded straps and multiple compartments. You should also consider bags with mesh pockets to accommodate water bottles and the closure of the bags. The best closure for student backpacks is zippering.


Water bottles

Water bottles are very important school promotional items for several reasons. First off, when you hand these water custom school products to students, you are promoting a culture of healthy living. It gives the impression that you are interested in their well-being and fitness.

You can customize water bottles as promotional school products by branding them with your logo and business name. Along with these, add one or two messages that inspire the students for healthy living and fitness. You may choose a different path and provide an inspirational message for their studies instead.

Other things you can do to make the water bottles more attractive include adding images and stickers. Water bottles are hardly ever useless so they will be appreciated by any person that receives them.


Hand sanitizer

These products come in very small bottles most of the time, however, they are very important. The bottles are always attractive but that’s really not the point. Hand sanitizers are very important to keep us safe from germs and bacteria.

Schools, no matter how much they try, are laden with harmful organisms that can cause diseases. Students are exposed to these germs that can cause infection on a daily basis in different parts of the school. You can show that you care by providing hand sanitizers in branded containers to these kids.

In some schools, students are required to bring a large jar of sanitizer as a donation to their classes. They also need to have one small bottle in their desks. You can take advantage of these needs by branding sanitizer bottles for students this season.



Pencils are among the most practical school promotional items ever. Usually, kids need pencils, especially those in the lower grades. Asides being so practical, pencils are also very cheap, among the cheapest custom school products on the market.

You can brand these pencils and hand them out as promotional school products. Everyone can make use of these items regardless of age or grade.


Just like pencils, pens are also very practical and affordable. Simply add your logo to a set of pens and hand them out to students. This is one promotional product that cuts across age groups or grades. They will always be useful at some point.


Custom erasers

With erasers, students are able to correct mistakes made while writing or drawing. We all make mistakes and you can help students make their right with these custom erasers.

Your business name and logo can be inscribed on the erasers in the most subtle manner. Again, these items cut across age group or school grade.


Promotional folders

Folders ensure that a student is able to remain organized and orderly for the rest of the school year. Students handle a lot of paperwork and as a result, some of their papers get missing.

With promotional folders, they are able to keep all these papers in the same location. Folders usually come with clips that hold the papers in place.

Fidget spinners

This product is ideal for dealing with student stress, anxiety, and boredom. It is perfect for students that suffer autism and attention disorders. You can be sure that students, their parents, and teachers will definitely appreciate the gesture.


The list of school promotional items is endless. You can come up with your own ideas for custom school products. If you have any other promotional school product ideas, share them with us in the comments section. If you have any demand for custom promotional school products, you can try Zigpac.

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