Why you should consider a customized samurai sword

by Matthias
Samurai Swords

Samurai Swords are weapons used for combat in ancient times. It is characterized by its glassy sensitiveness, and the ability to pierce through tremendous objects.

Brief history

Long before the birth of firearms, Samurai swords were the crucial weapons for warfare.  

Characterized by its razor sharpness, Samurai swords owes its popularity to ancient Samurai warriors.

These fierce warriors were brutal and ruthless. Covered in iron armor, possessing their swords, they went any length in warfare.

In reminiscence of history, it is noticed that the Samurai sword was an admirable guardian.

Amid the heat of warfare, Samurai swords abandoned trails of bloodstains with every cut.

The first known Samurai swords were straight, dual-edged iron blades. During the 10th century, a combination of Japanese and Chinese technology saw the beginning of freshly branded Samurai swords.

Although, there are no reliable clues on the group who rebranded the Samurai swords. Nonetheless, credit is given to Japanese swordsmith Amakuni.

Ancient practices with Japanese Samurai swords

In ancient Japanese culture, there were strict guidelines for possessing Samurai swords.

These strict guidelines, aids warriors in acquiring numerous qualities. The qualities acquired included courage, integrity, compassion, commitment, loyalty, and respect.

The day to day exercises of warriors with Samurai swords aided the improvement of civilization. These exercises promoted the goal of living and dying with honor.

According to history, at the birth of a young warrior, a Samurai sword was brought into the delivery room in a symbol of protection.

The same practice occurred at the climax of a veteran Samurai’s life. While he laid on his deathbed, a Samurai sword was placed by his side, protecting him one final time.

With this brief history, it is obvious you are certainly interested in customizing own Samurai sword for yourself. That’s a perfect decision.

The masterpiece of sword combat

In ancient times, training on martial art was formed, in other to master the act of Samurai sword usage.

These training were crucial, as it meant life or death for a Samurai. Warriors, who never assimilated the act of proper Samurai sword usage were easily laid off.

A lack of proper knowledge, on Samurai sword usage, brings to mind how useless a soldier would be today without the proper understanding of gun use.

The outstanding nature of Samurai swords

The sword of Samurai was made of impressive-excellent steel. These steels were continually heated, banged, and buckled to perfection.  

A repetition, of a process consisting of buckling, heating, and banging, meant the Samurai sword’s strength was rarely weakened during warfare.

Types of Samurai swords

As years went by, the Samurai’s mastered the act of making a variety of Samurai swords.

The makeup of these swords was changed in several ways. Ranging from size, handle, and magnitude.

The most famous Samurai swords were the Katana, Tanto, Wakizashi, Tachi, and Odachi.


Once there a dialogue on historic sword fighting warfare, the accomplishments of Samurai can never be overlooked.

Samurai’s cultivated outstanding combat heroism, when supplemented by their sword, they possessed incredible abilities.  

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