Understanding Your Hose Reel: A Complete Guide

by Matthias

For you to get free shipping on a hose reel purchase, you must have earned it. It means that your love for your gardening with the right equipment is exceptional.

This majestic tool which is used to store garden hoses can easily be forgotten when there is no immediate use for them.

The hose reel equipment is sometimes made of metal or plastic. Shaped like a wheel, is a very important tool in the garden as it is vital for the long-lasting service life of the hose.

The hose reel can crank the hose away to safety and keep it till the next time is services will be required.

The hose reel is known to be the safest way to keep your hose. It is the best way to protect the hose from external factors that may cause any damage to the hose.

The hose reels are also able to keep the hose reel without causing any bodily or occupational damage to the hose. It even helps prevent kinking of the hose which can happen if the hose is left out.

The garden has proven to be reliable. It serves as protection for your hose and even helps keep the hose away from sunlight that causes damage to the hose.

The Garden Hose Reel Variety

1. Wall-Mounted Hose Reel

There are hose reels that work well for small spaces. You can say they are the small space solution. They can be installed and fixed to a wall.

The wall-mounted garden hose reel is just the right kind to be installed on the outside wall and closest to the spigot without causing any hindrance of passage.

2. Freestanding Hose Reel

The freestanding hose reels can be easily stored in a shed used to house your garden utilities. For gardeners that carry out commercial functions with their garden, this is for you.

The freestanding garden hose reel works just as the name has described; it is free-standing. It is efficient even when you have a large farm or you are a commercial gardener.

3. The Manual Hand Crank Hose Reel

They have the crank used to withdraw your hose reel, except this one is done manually and with the actual cranking sound. Old school but very reliable.

4. The Piston-Driven Garden Hose Reel

This hose reel has a spring loading system that pulls the hose back automatically while rolling stationarily. It is most useful when the hose is very long.

Other Designs

Many other garden hose reel designs are fancy and built with more aesthetics for people to enjoy art.

Things To Keep in Mind When Buying Garden Hose Reels

1· The Yard Size

If you have a small yard, a wall-mounted hose reel will be best for you. The yard size should determine the garden hose reel so that you can manage the space in the yard.

2· The Garden Hose Size

The garden hose should also determine the kind of hose reel you buy. Since all hose reels have its different storage capacity, you should put it into consideration.


It is easy to forget the importance of the garden hose reel. The role it plays in maintaining your hose and work area makes it very valuable.

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