Available Tecno Phone Products and their Prices

by Matthias

Since the Tecno brand joined the tech-based market a while back, they have been going strong. Till this very day, Tecno as a brand is still very much active in the phone market. They have succeeded in building a wonderful image for themselves concerning their phones and tablets. Tecno mobile phones have some features that make them appealing to just about any age grade.

This article will be focusing on some special features of the Tecno brand. These special features will focus on their Tecno phones and their prices. Then we will consider the available products and their prices.

Among the Tecno mobile products we have the following series:

  • Camon
  • Phantom
  • Pouvoir
  • POP

The brand also has tablets and a wide variety of accessories which we will not be discussing.

The Tecno mobile brand is known internationally for its new-age mobile devices. Tecno phones are outfitted with some of the best components and systems in the present mobile phones industry. They are even improving on their User Interface and external designs of the phone. However, what makes the Tecno brand stand out are the prices associated with their new age products.

Many of their newer phones run on the most current android operating software. They possess wonderful cameras and durable batteries. The RAM and memory capacity means that the phones allow you to do more at faster speeds. Some of the cameras even possess special features such as TAIVOS (a form of Ultra Night Lenses.

The Tecno Camon series is especially popular. Members of this specific series include the Tecno CAMON 15, the CAMON 15 Pro, the CAMON 15 Premier, CAMON 12 Air, CAMON CX, CAMON CX Air and many others. Concerning their prices, the earlier Tecno CAMON 11 variations can be gotten for at most 51, 000 naira (NGN). For the CAMON series, the price range extends from as little as 48, 000 Naira to as high as about 91, 000 Naira. The latest Tecno CAMON X Pro goes for about 90, 000 Naira.

As for the Tecno SPARK series, they tend to be somewhat cheaper than the CAMON series. The price range for this series is from approximately 50, 000 Naira to just under 30, 000 Naira. The most expensive being the Tecno SPARK 4 at 47, 000 Naira. While the cheapest seems to be the SPARK Youth at 29, 000 Naira.

The PHANTOM series could be regarded as the most elite Tecno series. The phones here are on the upper scale compared to the usual Tecno prices. Here we have the Tecno PHANTOM 6 Plus sitting well over a hundred thousand Naira at about 150, 000 Naira. The cheapest here seems to be the PHANTOM 8 at about 60, 000 Naira.

As for the POUVOIR series, their prices are relatively close. The range is from as low as 50, 000 Naira to about 80, 000 Naira.

The POP series is much cheaper. You could get one for as low as 24, 000 Naira. The upper limit for this series is 50, 000 Naira (for now).

In summary, whatever your budget, there is an available Tecno mobile phone (yeebia) for you.

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