You can make money from a fitness app

by Matthias

Times are changing fast and people are giving more space to mobile phones in their lives. According to an estimate, people are spending above three hours on mobile phone applications on an average day. Some top mobile apps are music apps, shopping apps, and social media apps. There was a time when people were very excited to eat fast food. They loved it and didn’t give much heed to the health issues it brought. However, with the change of time, as health issues popped up in different regions of the world, people are more concerned about a healthy lifestyle. Another problem in achieving a healthy lifestyle was accessing the fitness trainers amidst a busy work routine.

To solve this problem, smart brains turned toward the e-fitness program through mobile applications. If you have got a unique idea for a fitness training program, you can convert it into an app and earn money. While building your app, make sure that the sound quality of live audio streaming or videos should be impeccable. You can purchase Huawei’s audiokit android service for better sound quality or you can build it yourself. However, a professional audio kit has great advantages for the app.

How to build a fitness app?

Building a fitness app consists of the following steps.

  • The first step is to do a thorough market research. Once it is done, you need to develop the concept. For example, you can build an app around the concept of yoga, running, or workout sessions.
  • Document the features that you want to add to the app such as video streaming, audio streaming, articles, blogs, and payment solutions.
  • Flesh out a viable revenue method. It can be your plan to earn from the ads that are displayed on your app or it can be a direct buying plan. You can offer your users packages for a weekly or monthly subscription.
  • You should map out how you will be going to design the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of the app.
  • Launch the app and review the performance.
  • Keep changing it as per the needs and demands of the users.

Paid Workout Programs

You can start paid workout programs for your app. You can either do full-body programs or lower body, yoga, or upper body programs. You may include in the programs some kind of live audio training, video clips, infographics, written instructions, and recorded audio instructions. The important point to remember is that if you are looking forward to adding audio instructions for all programs, you must add written instructions as well to make it easier for the users who are non-native English speakers. It is better if you let users create and grow their custom workout programs. You can oversee the program and suggest the changes that you feel should be a part of the program. This will make your app interactive and interesting. Don’t forget to set a timer for all sessions. You can generate considerable revenue from fitness apps if you design the app right and operate it well.

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