Feature to Look For In a Wireless Network Video Recorder

by Matthias
Wireless Network Video Recorder

There comes a time when your business requires a high-end security system to protect your assets. After all, why would you be running your business if you don’t intend to protect your profits? So, in that case, you’ll need a high-end security system like Hikvision NVR.

Wireless network video recorder collects and stores videos obtained from a network of cameras. You should install an IP camera that continually takes videos relying on the Internet protocol. So, what are the basics and differences of NVR VS DVR?

DVR processes video at the recording device while NVR receives already encoded and processed videos from IP camera. Also, the DVR uses an analog camera, unlike NVR, which uses internet protocol cameras.

  • Factors to consider when buying a wireless network video recorder
  1. Brand

When a manufacturer designs useful quality items, their brand becomes popular. To demonstrate, network video recorder Hikvision is a known device because of its quality. The manufacturer ensures that each of their recorders is designed to fulfill customers need with attractive prices.

  1. Inter-Operability

Technology is continually growing, leaving room for future growth. It is therefore essential to choose a wireless network video recorder that is flexible to adapt to the new market standard. Also, ensure the device is compatible with different IP surveillance devices.

Wireless Network Video Recorder

  1. Recording Resolution And Cameras

Each of the NVR supports several IP cameras. It is therefore essential to consider the number of cameras you require in your facility before purchasing NVR. Nonetheless, ensure that you buy a device that supports more than your current channels to provide future growth.

Additionally, ensure that the network video recorder has a high definition recording resolution so that it captures explicit videos. The security requirement demands well-decoded images of 4k resolution. So, ensure your NVR has that capacity. Also, ensure the device is capable of compressing the images to H.265 to ensure that there is sufficient space for recording more videos.

  1. Advanced Add-Ons

The primary function of the wireless network video recorder is to take and store video and allow you to playback. However, if you find an NVR that has other add-ons like alarm and audio interface, consider buying it. These features will help you integrate other security equipment.

  1. Software

Network video recorder software is categorized into two. First, the software is embedded in the NVR, and it’s reliable and is highly stable. On the other hand, NVR can be built on windows which are then installed a PC. A wireless network video recorder with embedded software is ideal for small and medium companies while PC based are best for a large enterprise.

Wireless Network Video Recorder

  1. The Flexibility Of The System

If you’re looking for a flexible system whereby you don’t require wiring, consider the best IP NVR system. It’s applicable such that as long as the IP cameras are in the same network with NVR, the device can record all the information from those cameras. In other words, you don’t have to connect the camera to the recorder directly.

Take Away

Your business should have a commercial security camera software to help you track daily activities in your industry. It is therefore essential to consider a wireless network video recorder because it is flexible, uses high-end security software and is affordable.



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