What To Consider When Selecting Bronze Sculptures

by Matthias

A  sculpture is a three-dimensional piece of art made of different materials and designs. Sculptures are a common and eye-catching part of our interior and exterior décor. Most people choose them for their aesthetic in their homes or workspaces, while others want them to embellish landscapes. They are also used as an expression of an individual’s personality. Many materials are available for manufacturing of sculptures, one of them being bronze, which is made from melted copper and tin, making it less brittle.  Many companies specialize in designing and manufacturing of sculptures. You can read more on sculptures. In this article, we will discuss things to look out for when purchasing bronze sculptures.

Factors to consider when selecting a bronze sculpture.

1.Style of sculpture

The form is dependent on your personality as an individual or what is attractive to you. The style you choose should blend in with your interior design, depending on the environment for the art structure to appear beautiful and practical. Bronze sculptures come in different forms:

  • The classic medieval European art style
  • Ancient art syles, e.g., the Chinese or Persian
  • Late 19th or 20th-century art

There are different styles to choose from therefore it all depends on your preference


There are very many substandard items in our market today. If you have a right eye for quality stuff, then anything less than that wouldn’t do for you. Likewise, when buying any bronze sculpture, looking out for quality is essential. It should be of high quality to ensure durability.

When it comes to quality, the are two types of bronze sculptures that are available for you to choose from;

  • Molten bronze

It is manufactured using the low wax casting method. It is actual bronze, therefore excellent quality. It is the most durable and beautiful. Due to its superb features, it appears to have a high cost compared to others.

  • Bonded bronze

It is produced using the cold cast method. It is made of epoxy or resin. Also, the real bronze powder is poured on top to achieve its appearance. Since its not pure bronze, the quality is also lower compared to that of molten bronze.

3.Reproductions Vs. Originals

Most bronze sculptures are a reproduction of the original pieces. The replication technology is used to achieve this. The reproduced bronze sculptures are easy to copy, most are smaller in size, but a few are the exact size as the original piece. Reproductions are suitable for decorative purposes, especially when you are on a budget as they are cheaper and bring out the same aesthetic feel as the original.

If you are looking to invest, then the right choice for you would be the original bronze sculpture. The cost is high compared to that of reproduction. It is also important to note that when purchasing an original piece, it should come with a certificate, and the art structure itself should have the artist’s signature.

Bottom line

When buying bronze sculptures or any art piece, you have to know what to look out for to get the most suitable item from the market. You can also visit a couple of shops physically or online for comparison purposes.

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