What effect will a bathtub have on your home?

by Matthias
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How much is a bath worth?

Well, that depends. Are you measuring value based on how much it would cost to install a bath? Or are you more interested in the functionality that having a bath will bring to your home? Or it could be just a sentimental thing. Also, if you are into real estate, you might want to know the change in the value of a property as a result of including a bath in it. In any case, this is a decision that you would need to consider carefully before making. Let’s look at some of the ways that a bath could change the dynamic of a property.

Functionality: Some experts say that if you have a large house with three or more bathrooms, at least one of them should contain a bath. But they also say that functionality could be sacrificed when adding a bath to a small bathroom. For a family with very young children, having a bath is almost a necessity – it makes it easier to get the little ones cleaned up. However, for more mature house owners and adults having a bath may not be as important.

A shower could even be preferred to a bath especially for those with mobility issues. A common compromise is to have a shower over a bath. But some things need to be considered before going with this option. It could be dangerous having to step over a bath after having a shower, especially for the elderly. You will also have to use a shower curtain or a screen to prevent water from getting where it shouldn’t, and these often leak. And there’s a limited range of choice of shower baths when it comes to design and quality.

Space: as mentioned before including a bath in a small bathroom can affect the amount of usable space that is left. And it is a good idea to have a bath you can fit in. Buying anything smaller would be counter-intuitive. Not only is it necessary to relax and unwind at the end of a stressful week, but having the right bath can do wonders for the aesthetics of even a very bland bathroom and Homeware has some of the best choices of bathtubs available.

 However, the choice of going with a smaller bathtub remains. There are many new ways of increasing usable space in a bathroom without giving up the bathtub.

With frameless showers, wall hung cabinets and in-wall water cisterns, space optimization is at its best. And it will only get better. So a bathtub might even become more popular over time. In the meantime, however, putting a freestanding bath in the corner of the bedroom is a contemporary idea you could try.

Property value: Considering all of the effects a bathtub will have on a home, it is safe to say that having at least one will increase the value of your property. However, it is important that you only do this after you have taken into account certain factors. How much space do you have to work with? Who are your prospective buyers? What kind of bathtub will fit best into the existing design? If you’re looking for exquisite spa baths in Sydney of different sizes and designs, Homeware has you covered.

As long as you do your research, including a bath in your home or property will be a very worthwhile decision.

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