Top 4 Important Things to Consider When Buying an LED Parking Lot Lights

by Matthias
LED light

When buying parking lot lights, a lot of people buy products that are cheap and easy to replace. Others prefer convenience and features that save them time and effort in the long run. Some really want something that can light up their whole parking slot, and even more, if possible. Meanwhile, some people are misguided in products with the highest numbers and ratings. To avoid that, we list the four most important factors that you should look for when you’re buying your new LED parking lot lights.

LED lights are the best 

One of the best benefits of LED lighting fixtures is its energy-saving properties. You can get the same amount of brightness and coverage for the less amount of money spent. It is reported that over 70% of energy is saved compared to other options like fluorescent or incandescent lamps. Another benefit of LED lights is its low-maintenance properties. You can avoid maintaining the item for a long time. And last but not least, LED lights have an overall better light quality during its long lifespan. 

Factors to consider when buying brand new parking lights

1. Is it bright enough to light your whole area? 

What’s the use of LED lights if you cannot even light up half of your parking lot? Positioning and lumen rate are the most critical factors in this category. If your pole is too low, the light will not cover a lot of space. However, if the pole is too high, the light will be too dim. The lumens of your device is also a significant factor, as lower lumen means lower light output. In general, it is recommended to have a device with at least 13,000 lumens attached in at least 15ft pole.

2. Does it have a dimmer?

A dimmer is often an afterthought and is likely to be considered just before buying an LED light. After all, why would you want the brightest option available if you want to dim it off? There are times when dimming your lights help reduce power consumption. It is also an important option to consider, especially if you aren’t sure about the lights you bought. 

3. Electricity consumption

Ideally, the lower the wattage is, the better it is for your money-saving plans. LED lights are usually very useful in saving money already because of how they work. If you have a relatively small area to cover, then it is better to go with lower wattage to conserve energy. However, if you’re going to light up a wide area, a properly configured high wattage lighting pole is better than several small ones. 

4. Price and useful lifespan

Last but not least, you should consider your monetary options and how many years you should use them. Going for the cheaper option is better if you’re only using it for a considerably small amount of time. But if you want to purchase the sturdier ones, you might have to prepare a material amount for it.

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