Using Fanny Packs for Product Promotion

by Matthias

Fanny packs have a lot of history behind them, even though they have been around for about three decades. Nevertheless, it has an impact on mainstream fashion. As you know, in the fashion industry, the popularity of products can go up and down. However, the practicality of a fanny pack cannot go unnoticed.

The modern fanny packs are more functional than the traditional ones. This is attributed to technological advancements. You can find your pack to be both stylish and functional. Moreover, you can get them in different designs and can serve a wide range of purposes. That explains why many businesses are now using them for promotional activities. Ideally, people love them and wear them to many places. Thus, they can be used as advertising tools.

You can achieve success in using a fanny pack as a promotional tool. The following are tips to help you get promotional fanny packs.

Select Appropriate Type

Recent studies have shown that people associate fanny packs with tourists and travelers. However, they have many other uses and applications. For instance, they can now be used for product promotion. Since they are available in different styles, they can suit a wide range of situations. For instance, they are fairly compact and have specialized pockets to ensure travelers can keep their items near them.

Some of the items stored in a fanny pack are cash, credit cards, keys, and passports. You can also find some designed for different activities such as hiking and biking. Such packs have few pockets and compartments, and many are large in size.

You should pay attention to what customers use packs for. If they use them in outdoor activities or sporting events, then you should choose the right type.


You should note that fanny packs are available in a wide range of sizes. Also, there is no single size that can suit all purposes. Therefore, there is a need to look at the target market and choose the right size. For instance, most men are comfortable with larger packs. There are also unisex packs available on the market.


Most people like to purchase fanny packs with multiple compartments and pockets. Always define your target market and choose the right fanny pack that suits your needs.


As you know, most people get fanny packs so they can carry their personal items around with a lot of ease. People who use these packs may be exercising or traveling for extended hours. Therefore, they require a pack that is practical and lightweight.

Safe Use

Before going out promotional fanny packs to customers, it is a good idea to teach them how to use them safely. Although fanny packs are practical and convenient, they are a target for thieves. Therefore, there is a need for customers to know how they can use them and ensure they cannot be snatched. Whenever you carry a fanny pack, you must be aware of what is happening around you. Also, ensure the pack is always in front of you as opposed to the back.

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