Analyzing the top Marketing Ideas of Location-based Marketing

by Matthias

Huawei location is a complete toolkit used for location-based marketing not just on Facebook Messenger but other social media platforms too. A location kit in business enables your chatbot to offer dynamic directions to the business, while constantly collecting as well as storing detailed address information from consumers and sending offers using geographic criteria.  In a few steps, with up to zero technical knowledge, it is possible to connect a location kit with Google Maps and Google Sheets.

Parent Topic

Every time you complete a page in business, founded on location-based service, you gain access to free advertising.

That said, advanced forms of marketing like promotional offers have always been known to be more affordable compared to conventional marketing methods.

This explains why most businesses have invested in location-based marketing which is geographically targeted- here; you know exactly who you are addressing when it comes to customer service and product provision.

Why it matters

In a research-based publication by experts in location-based marketing, it was deduced that location data produced an estimated growth base of 80 percent, coupled with higher response rates as well as higher customer engagement of up to 83 percent.

Other than that, it provides marketers with a deeper and extensive knowledge of customer’s demands and interests, enhanced return on investment (ROI), for their ad campaigns, besides an increased lift.

Benefits of investing in location-based marketing

You can collect relevant address data to your business

With just a single tap on their zip code, your users can easily share their location. You can then instantly garner and then store data on their country, city, and zip code. This information is crucial for the growth of your business.

Target Offers

You can use the location data you’ve collected to target different offers by the closest in the distance to the subscribers.

Automate Directions
You can have a bot send instant directions to the business location straight from the user’s current location. Other than that, you can also share several locations that rank closest in the distance to your customers. 

Gain Insights

Utilize the location data garnered to gain actionable insight so that you can easily optimize the firm’s marketing while producing measurable business results.

Top reasons for using location-based kits in marketing

It is easy to start

Immediately the template is installed, you can instruct your bot to help with the setup. All you need to do is key in a business address for the bot to provide instant direction to the business. At the same time, you can add a lock key for additional flow.

Pretty easy to manage

Administrative tools are built into a template that can be accessed using a password. You can as well link a Google Sheet to incorporate multiple sections as well as location-based offers. Enter the data so that the bot formats information for messenger.


You can easily connect a pre-trained artificial intelligence kit in a few steps. Your bot will then respond to the user input by establishing where a customer is located.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to know how to get started? Well, install the location tool kit to your system and start chatting with the kit bot to have a feel of the demos, get support and receive latest updates from the template.

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