What Is 1688? Outsourcing From 1688- Your Complete Guide

by Matthias
Outsourcing From 1688

Dropshipping is a viable business idea that originated in China. The idea is appended to outsourcing products from various retailers online. Starting a dropshipping business is often the first step to entrepreneurship. As such, you will be better placed to sell your products to multiple customers at your own prices while marketing your own brand via at the same time. In fact, you do not have to pay for the inventory unless it is sold to a client. If you are devoted to putting in the work, then you can quickly build a successful brand via leelinesourcing.com.

In this blog post, you will learn the basics of starting a dropshipping business. We shall also explain what it takes to drop ship products and how to get the right dropshipping business idea that will suit your client base. Currently, if you are part of the dropshipping business, then it is critical to comprehend the Alibaba which has several affiliates including 1688, Alibaba International Station, Taobao as well as AliExpress. We are soon going to analyze the pros of engaging in this business by using these platforms.

Let us begin with 1688.com

  1. Com – this is the largest and most respected buying platform in China. The management offers a reasonable price coupled with a variety of products. That way, products can always get a lower price from this retail platform since it is actually the bottom price straight from the factory. Through 1688, almost 400,000 small as well as medium sellers have used the platform to provide clients with products for Wish, AliExpress, as well as Amazon. That said, in China, several companies have successfully created hot-selling commodities through the platform, thereby creating more value as well as progress to the organization. But, with the rise in competition among sellers, the homogenization of these products has become severe.
  1. Taobao– Taobao is an online shopping website centrally situated in Hangzhou. It is owned by Alibaba, as we mentioned in our opening paragraph. It is also one of the largest e-commerce platforms and the most visited by drop-shippers across the world. Founded in 2003, the platform is a marketplace that successfully facilitates consumer-to-consumer purchase by offering a viable channel for various small businesses as well as individual entrepreneurs.
  1. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd– Alibaba is one of the most reliable online commerce firms in the world. It has three main sites that we shall briefly highlight in this article. These sites have millions of consumers who are devoted to purchasing various products online. Alibaba handles more clients than any other online retailing company.
  1. AliExpress– AliExpress is an affiliate of Alibaba. It is also an online retail store. Founded in 2010, it comprises of various small businesses not just in China but Singapore. Alibaba plays a vital role in facilitating multiple small businesses in selling to clients across the world.

Your Take-Home – Why 1688.Com Is The Best Online Retail Platform?

Not only is 1688.Com the biggest retail platform online but also the most reliable. It also has several factory resources coupled with uncountable wholesale products. You can always find everything you need there. Unlike the typical offline wholesale market, suppliers on this retail platform provide consistent supply, making it easy for clients to reorder. This is definitely an added advantage.


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