How to extend your Laptop Battery Life

by Matthias
laptop battery life

Nothing is frustrating like having your PC running out of power when trying to get something done, and at the same time failing to get a plug to recharge your machine in the meantime. If you work on the go, ensuring your PC batterie is well charged is vital. But there is more than just changing it; how do you ensure your laptop battery life gets extended.   Here are some essential tips on how to make a laptop battery last longer.

  1. Close taps and try using a different browser

While this might be a non-starter for the majority of people, your web browser tends to consume lots of power. If you love seeing many tabs running at the same time, learn how to manage them with ease.

You can also use an add-on such as the Great suspender that will unload the tabs from memory when you’re not using them. Disabling the open browser tabs will offer you extra power to do other things.

Additionally, try using a different browser. While every user loves Firefox or Chrome, the best web browser for battery life is Edge, Opera, and macOS. The two browsers are built to manage the memory well, and opera comes in a low power mode made to prolong the battery life.

  1. Try to use hibernate when required

You might not be lured to switch off your PC’s screen each time it’s not working to save power, but this is not a good idea if you intend to open it later. Instead, try to hibernate your laptop. While in hibernation, your PC isn’t consuming much power, but when sleep, it tends to use more power. 

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  1. Disable all the power hungry hardware

Just like power-hungry apps, if you want to save your PC’s power while you are on the go, make sure you switch off any needless features and hardware. For instance, disable WIFI or Bluetooth if you are not using it.

Don’t start turning off every hardware feature so that you can spare some power, but if you are sure you don’t require some power-hungry features, disable them.

  1. Keep your laptop cool

Heat is a threat to your laptop battery life. The heat will affect your PC’s lifespan and also your PC’s battery health. For this reason, keep it cool all the time and avoid restricting the flow of air while using it on the go. Get a lap desk, elevate the laptop back but if the fans are located at the bottom. Additionally, avoid crowding the back or sides of your PC. 

  1. Use the manufacturer’s maintenance and diagnostic tools

Based on the manufacturer of the PC, they will offer maintenance and diagnostic tools that will give you information concerning the health of your battery. You will also get a recommendation to help you extend the battery life. You will get information on how often you need to charge it fully. 

  1. Tweak the in-built power saving options

Make sure you are familiar with the power management features available in your PC. In Windows, check on Windows Option while in macOS, go to energy saver and access system preference.  Don’t ignore this step and never assume that the default is set to save you power. 

laptop battery

Final word

If you plan to leave with your laptop, make sure it gets enough power to avoid scaling back what to do after you leave. Although claims are some laptop batteries last longer than others, your caring tips will have much impact on the laptop battery life too.

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