Electric Vs. Gasoline Motorcycles- A Quick Comparison

by Matthias

What are the probabilities of electric motorcycles replacing gasoline motorcycles? Have you been wondering whether it is possible to ride your electric bike in the rain? Is there a particular surge of power in this powerful structure? These are valid questions asked by some of the best bikers across the world. Horwin, being a professional retailer of electric motorcycles with branches across the globe, answers your questions in this blog post. Here is a brief look at the rise of electric motorcycles Vs. Gasoline motorcycles.

Background Information

Lithium-ion batteries mainly power electric motorcycles. However, some of the earliest models were equipped with nickel-metal batteries. Today, there is a variety of electric motorcycles in the automotive industry. On the other hand, gasoline motorcycles are powered by gas. But, one element is factual about electric motorcycles and gas motorcycles- they are fun to ride.

Which Model Would You Rather Go For?

Whichever model you settle for, both will provide you with the freedom you need as well as the adventure. The mode of transportation is still one of the most preferred by many across the world. Even so, there are a few benefits as well as drawbacks that you, as a rider, should consider. Let’s take a look at 3 of the most definitive facts.

  • Peculiar Features- Focusing On Speed

Certain features make a motorcycle what it is. From the long, loud exhaust pipes to fiberglass and a rumbling engine, both types of motorcycles have these unique features. So what really makes an electric motorcycle? This is the perfect ride for someone who craves speed without experiencing certain mechanical complexities like in a gas-powered machine.

With instant acceleration and a smooth sound too, electric motorcycles are vastly kicking up dirt in the typical conventional market. Even the most revered members of this society have become part of the game. These companies are unveiling the concept of electric motorcycles that will lead to mass production over the coming years.


  • Maintenance – Aspects To Look At  

Not long ago, battery-powered motorcycles were known as garage-built prototypes subjected to scientific projects. But, today, you can easily find unique designs coupled with perfect paint. You can even roll up to your bike night gathering and steal the show from the conventional cruisers hooked to gas motorcycles. That’s not all! Electric motorcycles are easy to maintain as compared to gas-guzzlers.

You won’t experience the difficulties that come with a series of oil changes or valve adjustments coupled with additional messy routines founded on maintenance. To refuel, you should just plug into the household outlet. Finally, because battery-powered motorcycles do not have transmissions, you should not worry about shifting gears when cruising over the highway. The opposite is true about gasoline motorcycles.

  • Initial Investment

This is obviously a difficult one. It is one of the most cited complaints by novice bikers. Since batteries power electric motorcycles, the machines have certain powertrains. Therefore, they are manufactured on a slightly smaller scale compared to traditional gas-powered motorcycles. The manufacturing costs are also higher.

This would only translate to a higher retail price. The zero entry-level models begin at about $12,900. Its full size, on the other hand, is approximately $18,500. These prices become exorbitant when you begin to analyze the segments. Gas-powered motorcycles are slightly affordable. 

Pros Of Electric Motorcycles

  • Has new edge features
  • Faster than gas-powered motorcycles
  • Have a better acceleration

Cons Of Electric Motorcycles

  • A huge initial investment
  • Sourcing fuel can be challenging
  • Involving charge times involved 

In Closing

As you can see, electric motorcycles are obviously on the rise. There are also multiple negatives and positives tied to this powerful device. Even so, as time goes by, a few things have gotten better in the industry.  This bike is relatively new in the market. It is also environmentally friendly. Happy shopping!



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