An Insight into Protective Security Seal

by Matthias

If you have ever purchased an item, then it is likely you have come across a security seal. In phones, for example, the security seal is usually attached to the box carrying the phone. Note, it is essential to check and confirm that you are the one breaking the seal to verify the authenticity of the phone you are buying. A protective security seal is not only used in phones but also in containers when they are being shipped. The containers are sealed so that the moment they get to their destination, the one receiving them can notice any theft or interference in case the seal is broken.

Types of security seals

1. Cable seals

These types of cables are only used on an item with a small opening. Small openings make inserting of cables easy.

2. Bolt seals

Bolt seals are easy to fix; therefore, no tools are required. They are mostly used to transport things such as containers since you can add barcodes to make them more secure

3. Fixed-length plastic seals

Of all plastic seals, these are the strongest. They work well to secure cargo being transported by truck

4. Plastic pull-tight seals

These types of seals can be easily adjusted when need be hence making them versatile and are like fixed-length plastic seals.

5. Wire seals

As the name suggests, the seals are made of wire that is metallic, meaning they rarely break. And just like cable seals, they are used for small openings.

6. Metal strap seals

The main difference between the metal seal and fixed-length plastic seals is that they are made of plastic. The metallic material is more durable when compared to plastic.

7. Padlock seals

These types of seals are not only small but also easy to use. They secure doors by preventing any entrance.

Uses of security seals

1. Medical emergencies

You might be wondering how security seals can be used in this particular field. The truth is first aid kits, as well as all emergency equipment, are required to have a security seal. Thus security seals give the assurance that the equipment hasn’t been tampered with. Seals used in equipment such as extinguishers can be easily removed, making it easy to attend to emergencies.

2. Transportation of samples

When transporting either laboratory or biological samples, security is a must. In this field, security seals are used to avoid the identification of contents.

3. Transportation of ballot boxes during elections

After casting votes, the ballot boxes are sealed.  Security seals act as a guarantee on the authenticity of the ballot boxes. The seals also ensure that whatever is inside the boxes remain intact.

4. Financial sector

When transporting cash, the financial sector is required to have security seals for identification.

Final Thoughts

Before buying an item, whether online or in brick and mortar stores, it is crucial to check their security seals. In case it is broken, then it’s your responsibility to reject the item. Broken security seals are a clear indication that whatever is inside isn’t authentic. When transporting any item, choose the best seal to avoid inconveniences.

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