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Zhongshan Craft Custom CO.,LTDThe company specializes in CUSTOM high quality badges, medals, keychains, lapel pins, coins, bookmarks, cufflinks, tie-clip, bottle opener, letter opener, dog tag, golf divot, spoon, pendant, clothes accessories, and some other tourist souvenirs and gifts. WEBSITE:
ShenZhen DongFangHong Global Logistics Co.LtdDongFangHong logistics Co.Ltd will help you source any goods from China. The ideal good to import is small and light. This enables you to save money on importing, storage and then shipping to your customers further down the line.
DFH for freight forwarding services for importing from China.
The courier such as DHL/UPS/FedEx will handle everything and deliver to your door.
Importing from China, you can use any of the following shipping modes based on your type of goods, budget, and specific needs: by air, sea, rail, express, or some special way DDU or DDP.
DFH can help you with shipping goods from china to the world. Cargo insurance is super cheap compared to the costs involved.
Co-Arts InnovationCo-Arts Innovation, one of the over 20+ years’ experience companies that are manufacturing handicraft products in china. Co-Arts valued by customers with great quality, prompt delivery, and excellent customer service.
Fonix lashesFonix lashes as a factory-based company has rich experience in lash production. They could produce and recommend lashes as per customers' design sketches or requirements. If you want to own your own lash styles or you are not satisfied with the lashes on the market. Fonix will solve the problem. They will be a great lash business partner for you.


Jinan Huafei CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.The CNC longitudinal seam pipe welding machine adopts PLC control and DC motor drive to realize stepless speed regulation, and the control system can realize automatic welding. Workpiece pressing adopts piano-type pneumatic pressing device, the work piece is evenly stressed, and the deformation is small.
This is a company specializing in the production of high quality, high-quality wire, and cable to protect the casing and its accessories company, the company's products mainly include bs4568steel conduit, UL797 EMT conduit, IEC61386 conduit, IMC conduit, RSC conduit, etc., products widely used in construction, machine tools, railway, automobile, chemical industry, automobile, monitoring, construction decoration, construction decoration, building materials, decoration, and other industries.